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Arlon L.  Stoker

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Attorney at Law

Attorney Arlon L. Stoker has been representing clients in federal and state court cases throughout New Mexico and Southern Colorado for over 40 years. Mr. Stoker’s practice concentrates on criminal defense, serious personal injury, wrongful death cases, as well as civil rights violations resulting from police misconduct. Arlon L. Stoker’s extensive trial experience, combined with his five years as a drug and violent crimes prosecutor, has proven that he is knowledgeable, aggressive, and consistently achieves excellent results for his clients in criminal cases, personal injury & wrongful death cases and more. He will fight for you!

Specialities: Criminal Defense (Adult/Juvenile), Personal Injury, DWI and DUI, Traffic Offenses, Wrongful Death, Civil Rights Violations


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Monica is a dedicated professional who oversees the initial intake process, ensuring all client information is accurately recorded. She excels in case reviews and summaries, providing crucial support in trial preparation and jury reviews. Monica is responsible for drafting and managing motions, as well as e-filing across all courts. Additionally, she coordinates personal injury cases with our medical paralegal contract staff, ensuring seamless collaboration and thorough case management. Monica's attention to detail and commitment to excellence are vital to the firm's operations.

Specialities: Initial intake, case reviews & summaries, trial prep, jury reviews, motions, e-filing all courts, coordinates personal injury cases with our medical paralegal contract staff


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Legal Assistant

Amy is an essential member of our team, providing bilingual support as the sole Spanish speaker. She expertly manages calendars and files lower court motions, ensuring all legal documentation is handled efficiently. Amy conducts thorough case reviews, manages payments, and sends timely court reminders. Her role in secondary client contact ensures comprehensive client service. Amy's ability to bridge language barriers and her dedication to her responsibilities make her a valuable asset to the firm.

Specialities: Spanish speaking, calendars, files lower court motions, case reviews, payments, court reminders, secondary client contact

¡Habla español!


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Legal Assistant

Makinsey is a key member of our administrative team, ensuring the efficient operation of our front desk. She manages phone communications and provides a welcoming presence at reception. Makinsey is responsible for conducting case reviews, issuing court reminders, and overseeing payments and billing. Her role also includes initial client contact and court filing, all of which she handles with precision and reliability. Makinsey's meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication contribute significantly to the firm's smooth functioning.

Specialities: Phones, front desk, case reviews, court reminders, payments, billing, initial client contact, court filing

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Attorney Arlon L. Stoker offers expert, reliable, personalized, and aggressive legal representation for even the most challenging cases. With over 37 years of experience in both federal and state courts, he is dedicated to fighting for his clients’ rights.

Defending the Rights of Every Client

Attorney Arlon L. Stoker is deeply passionate about ethical and focused legal representation. Our team shares this passion for helping others and strives to provide exceptional service to every client, every time.

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Our team possesses the knowledge and expertise to handle each case correctly and efficiently. We are committed to providing thorough, detail-oriented defense.


Based in Farmington, New Mexico, with staff in Durango, Colorado, Attorney Arlon L. Stoker proudly serves the communities of New Mexico and Southern Colorado.


Attorney Arlon L. Stoker is a respected name in superior legal services, focusing on criminal defense and personal injury. He is affiliated with the Colorado Bar Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and has been recognized as one of the top 99 lawyers in the United States. See the reviews from our clients here.


He’s a lion in the court room and in his office!
-Brandi T
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